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101 Things to do in a pinafore

I love pinafores they are so versatile and comfortable - perfect for all occasions and for all year round.

My favourite book as a child was called 101 Things to do with a baby, by Janet Ormerod. I always loved babies from a very young age and I loved the illustrations in this book. So I have taken inspiration from this book to create my own 101 Things to do in a pinafore. I’ll share a new one each week!

#1 - Crawl through a tunnel

Pinafores are great for playtime! With plenty of room to move in, children can get up to all sorts! Pop it over a long-sleeved T-shirt and you are good to go! This lavender corduroy pinafore is great for everyday wear, goes with everything and will last many months.

Who else has a little one that loves crawling through tunnels?

If you would like to be featured in the 101 Things to do in a Pinafore series, please send me your photos of your little one in their Dot & Lizzi pinafore dress.

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