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Updated: Jun 20, 2022

🧺 M O N D A Y S 🧺

I always dream of having a great housekeeping routine - set days for doing the washing, and ironing etc. Somehow it never happens and I end up with piles of laundry to do, washing in the machine, another load in the drier or on the line, more waiting to be folded and ironed and more waiting to be put away! Every single day!

It’s one of those tasks that feels hugely satisfying when you have got on top of it all - the various baskets and machines are empty and drawers are full of clean clothes, but equally as irritating as literally the minute you are about to pat yourself on the back for achieving great things with laundry…more dirty laundry appears! The kids get home from school covered in who knows what, the husband gets back from work and changes out of his shirt, then goes to tennis and sweats out another T-shirt, then you find a dirty sock hidden under the armchair! Back to square one!

Thankfully my handmade clothes for the children are easy to care for - being cotton I can throw them in a normal wash, line or tumble dry them and if I feel like ironing them (ok sometimes I just give them a shake and fold) I can iron them on a cotton setting with everything else.

I like Mondays - it feels like the day to get on top of everything and get the house back in order once everyone has gone back to work or school. This week both my children have inset days so don’t go back till tomorrow, so getting on top of things may have to wait till Tuesday this week.

How do you feel about Mondays? Love it or hate it?

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